5 Things You Should Specify in Your Will

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Many people wait too long to create their last will and testaments. What happens more often than not is that such people end up dying without letting their family or the providence know their desires. The result is that many of these persons end up being handled in ways of which they would have never approved. Even the funeral homes hold services that the deceased would not appreciate. The last will and testament is necessary to protect a person and that person’s family after death. The following are five areas that one will want to specify in the documentation.

1. The Obituaries

A person should specify the way that he or she would like the obituaries to appear. If the deceased doesn’t make a statement about himself or herself in a will situation, then someone else will. That someone else may be an estranged spouse or a family member who knows nothing about the person.

2. Style of Burial

The style of burial is an important factor to make clear in one’s will. Cremation service is one option for a person. Regular burial is another. Many people choose cremation because the process is inexpensive. However, other people do not want to be cremated for religious reasons. They feel that the body should be preserved. That makes creating a last will and testament majorly important.

Funeral Service
3. Funeral Services

Funeral services have a wide variety of styles. They could be casual, formal, faith-based or have some other undertone to them. The living person should decide the style of services that he or she wants and make them clear in the will and testament. That way, whoever handles the legal specifics can know how to setup the services.

4. Personal Assets and Funds

The assignment of one’s personal assets and funds is an important part of a will. The person will want to let the courts and legal entities know what to do with cars, homes, stocks, bonds and other personal assets. Something undesirable may happen to it if it is not handled properly.

Children and Pets
5. Care of Children and Pets

The person should also specify how the children and pets are to be cared for after the passing. The person may want them to go to a relative, friend or acquaintance. It is important for the individual to make that information known so that the children and pets don’t end up in an unhealthy or bad place.

Creating a will and testament is quite easy with Aftercare. A person can download templates and create legal documents within minutes. These legal documents can specify the way the person wants to be handled after death. It is always wise to hire an attorney to review and handle such information, however the lawyer can ensure that everything is correct.

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