March 2018 15
Commercial Litigation Law in Canada
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Commercial litigation law involves the rules and practices used in solving any disagreement in the business sector. Some of the cases settled in commercial litigation lawyer include breach of contracts, shareholders issues, business torts, breach

January 2017 11
The basics of personal injury law
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Personal injury law is the legal activities that take place when someone sues another person for various misconduct. This kind of cases involves one person suing another to be compensated for something the defendant did.

November 2016 25
Canadian Estate Law, Trusts and Taxation
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Proper estate planning is essential to save your loved ones from additional confusion and expenses upon your death. In December 2014, Canada passed a law that significantly changes how the country taxes estates and trusts.

November 2016 21
The Reality of Canadian DUI Law
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The Canadian government maintains statistics on the incidence of drunk driving in Canada. According to this data, millions of people take to Canadian roads annually under the influence of alcohol. An impaired driving lawyer Calgary

November 2016 18
How to Handle Nursing Home Abuse
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Nursing home abuse is a form of medical malpractice, and it happens to many people. Thousands of such cases go to court each year, and millions of victims receive compensation because of kind and competent