Five Times You Should Call an Employment Lawyer


Canadian employees have certain work rights that you may not be aware of. That includes the right to do your job in a peaceful manner and coexist in harmony. You have human rights inside of the Canadian workforce, and if anyone violates them, you have a right to seek justice. The following are five signs that you may need to contact an employment lawyer to help you with your workplace issues:

1. You Were Fired for a Questionable Reason

An employer is allowed to terminate your employment if you do something wrong such as frequent attendance violations, harming or threatening an employee, or coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In other words, the employer can fire you for a just cause. Unfortunately, many employers try to escape their proper notification and severance obligations. If you believe that you are the victim of an unfair dismissal, it would be wise for you to visit an employment lawyer.

2. You Feel the Sting of Discrimination

Discrimination is an offense that is a little bit more subtle than unlawful termination is. It can come in many forms up to and including refusing to give a person a promotion or raise even though that person is qualified for it. Another case of discrimination is preventing someone from taking on a certain task or responsibility because that person is a man or a woman. If you feel as though someone has denied you something because of your race, gender, marital status, religion or so forth, you have a right to seek counsel about the issue.

3. You Feel Like Someone Harassed You

Harassment is not allowed under any circumstances, and it would certainly warrant a meeting between you and a knowledgeable attorney. Harassment can come in many forms, including sexual and gender or race related forms. There could be many people harassing your or just one person harassing you. You may be dealing with a threat to your job or an attempt to rob your dignity. Whatever it is, you don’t have to go through it alone. The employment law in Canada will protect your rights.

4. You’re in a Hostile environment

A hostile environment can be the most draining experience you can ever go through. It’s an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable because it feels like everyone dislikes you. You may be dealing with a hostile environment as a consequence of calling out something bad, or you may just be different than your peers. Unfortunately, sometimes people develop harmful cliques in the workplace, and they exclude other people from them. This type of situation could fall into the description of bullying because people ban together to inflict emotional harm. You might be interested in learning more at the Whitten & Lublin website.

5. What an Attorney Will Do

An employment attorney can help you immensely. This person can review your situation and let you know if what happened to you qualifies for representation. If your case does qualify, the attorney is going to try his or her best to resolve the situation in a just manner. He can take one of the several approaches to try to get you some relief in the situation. One thing that he may do is try to get you the severance pay that you should have gotten. Another thing that the attorney may do is try to get you your job back if the company fired you unlawfully.

The above-mentioned situations are only a few of many. Any situation that feels unlawful in the workplace usually is. Go with your gut feeling and contact a specialist any time that you think someone has violated your rights.

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