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You may think that your Canadian personal injury case is cut and dry because you fell inside of a business establishment. The way you see it, someone owes you money, and that should be evident to any judge or jury. You may be correct that someone needs to pay you money. However, you can only be sure of your case’s true potential if you consult with reliable personal injury lawyers. Compensation for personal injury is sometimes complex. Here’s why:

The Case May Settle Out of Court

You have no idea how the other party will react, but an experienced attorney has an idea. The other party could react to your claims in one of two ways. The party may admit its guilt and offer to settle out of court as to avoid a scandal or severe media coverage. In that case, you may receive your compensation within only a few weeks. Many lawyers will try to resolve the case out of court first. The reason they do that is so that you don’t have to wait to pay your medical bills and the other bills that accumulated since you’ve been out of work for your injury. The other party may, however, deny all allegations and force you to prove its neglect. Your case could stretch on for months if that happens. An experienced attorney can expedite it.

You May Be Partially at Fault

You may be partially at fault for the incident, and it may affect your settlement. Sometimes, the other parties try to shift blame onto the victims, and the victims end up losing some of their settlements. It would be wise for you to speak to a reliable lawyer about partial fault so that you will be prepared to defend yourself on whether you neglect yourself by doing something that contributed to your fall. It may be very well that you are innocent, but only a legal specialist can investigate that matter appropriately.

You Could Possibly Receive Additional Compensation

A lawyer can bring you more money than you thought you would receive. You could receive additional compensation if the judge finds that the other party in your case was especially neglectful. For example, a party may be viewed as neglectful if the judge finds that someone left a floor wet or greasy for a long time and made no attempt to clean the spill or notify anyone thereof. You may be due punitive damages in such a case. Punitive damages are in addition to any monies that you receive as compensatory damages. Compensatory damages is term that refers to the funds you receive that cover all of your tangible expenses.

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