Has Your Teen’s Actions Inflicted Fear Among Peers? Get Legal Help

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Has your teen been wearing clothes or costumes, and doing other thing to inflict fear amongst their peers and the community, and now they are facing criminal charges because of the matter? If so, a criminal lawyer is needed to prevent them from having a charge that is on their record for years into the future and that can destroy their chances of getting the job or having the life that they want.

Any mistakes that your teen made when they aren’t yet as mature as they need to be can hurt others and brand your teen with a bad reputation in the area. Here are a few things that you want to do right away to ensure your teen’s best interests.
Deny Police Interaction Until You Have a Lawyer
If the police have shown up at your home, or if the police have called and are requesting a sit down session with your teen, no action should be taken until you’ve hired criminal defence. If the police met with your teen at the school or without a parent present, this is against the law and your lawyer will work to get their statement thrown out because a consenting guardian wasn’t with them, and neither was their legal representation. These details are all important to the case.
Remove Online Incriminating Evidence
If some of the actions and the problems were because of online rants, posts or pictures, you want your teen to remove these things from the internet. You’ll want to document the evidence of the posts so you can show your lawyer exactly what was posted, but after you’ve taken screen shots or printed the images, you want to remove everything. You should even consider removing your teen’s accounts from the different social media sites.
Work with the Lawyer to Issue Apologies Quickly
You don’t want your teen to apologize because they were forced to. You want the lawyer to draw up apologies for your teen to send to all those involved. The apologies will not admit guilt in any way, but will show regret of hurt feelings or confusion. This can help when it’s time for your teen to go in front of a judge.
Your lawyer will work to have the charges thrown out, to have your teen tried as a minor, and to have the charges minimized as much as possible if you can’t have them dismissed. Get a criminal lawyer so you don’t make any mistakes before your teen sees a judge, and to hopefully work out a plea deal or have the issue resolved.

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