Top 8 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Employment Lawyer


An employment lawyer plays an important role in cases involving wrongful termination, poor compensation, workplace abuse and work rights. If you have any workplace issues, it might be wise to contact a lawyer who is specialized in employment law to represent you and fight for your rights. Here are a few questions you might want to ask in order to get the right lawyer.

1. Does the Lawyer Specialize in Employment Law?

Many law firms claim to do employment cases in their adverts, but their true practice is family law, personal injury or commercial litigation. Ensure the person you hire specializes in employment law in Canada. A lawyer who is specialized knows the ins and outs of your case and is better placed to deliver good results.

2. How Many Cases Has He Taken to Trial?

There are many lawyers out there who claim to handle employment cases but barely know how to take them to trial. As a result, they choose to settle with the defendant at an amount far much lower than what you deserve. Going to trial is very important, as it gives you the chance to present your case in a comprehensive way and convince the jury to award you the right compensation. The lawyer you choose must have an impressive number of cases he has taken to trial.

3. How Long Has He Been Practicing Employment Law?

The level of experience an employment lawyer has largely determines the outcome of the case. Someone who has a lot of experience has handled so many cases and knows the right approach to take for your case in order to deliver the best results. Five or more years of experience is acceptable.

4. What is His Vision of the Case?

Whether you are suing for an unfair dismissal or workplace abuse, you need to get a lawyer who has a clear vision of the case. He should predict the outcome before you even go to court. He should be able to take all the pieces of the case, put them together and present a clear picture to the jury.

5. Does He Have His Own Law Firm?

A good employment attorney needs to be a leader. He should be able to lead a team perfectly, be organized and practice assertion in his roles. Someone who does not have these traits will easily crumble to pressure from the defense lawyers. Your case will crumble with him too. Ensure the lawyer you are about to choose has his law firm or has managed a team before.

6. What is His Greatest Achievement?

The previous achievements of the lawyer will predict the final outcome of your case. If your lawyer has a track record of producing million-dollar verdicts and settlements repeatedly, wouldn’t you hire him as opposed to someone who settles cases worth $5,000 just once? What I am saying is: make sure your lawyer has an impressive track record of closing cases with good compensations.

7. How Much Does He Charge?

Pricing should be your last priority when searching for the best lawyer. But this does not mean you have to sell your property and other valuables in order to get a good lawyer. Get quotations from at least five lawyers and select the one with the most suitable price. Avoid a lawyer who charges for initial consultations or one who wants his fees paid up front.

8. How Do Former Clients Rate Him?

Look up the lawyer online and see what other people say about him. A good lawyer should have positive reviews from past clients and a perfect rating. He should also have zero disciplinary records.

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