5 Mind Blowing Cooking Equipments Every Restaurant Should Have


Stocking up on high quality essentials is getting much more difficult than it should be. Nowadays, everywhere we look there’s someone telling us to buy their product that will supposedly make our lives easier. It has only made it difficult to separate the quality from the junk. But here are some great equipments that stand alone as clear winners:

1. Pizza Tools

The pizza pan, equalizer, wheel cutter and server are a set of tools focused on handling the pizza. The pizza matures from dough to the delicious cheesy heaven in the pan. While the equalizer divides the pizza into 6 equal pieces, the wheel cutter cuts through the pizza and the server comes handy in serving the pieces. These tools prevent a messy table situation!

2. Salad Spinner

A salad spinner is your best friend when it comes to having a crisp salad. To prevent your greens from going soggy, you’ll need to dry them and “spinning” them is by far the easiest way to do it. Yes, they do take up a lot of cabinet space, but they provide more than enough value and are worth every inch of space. And the great news is, they are inexpensive!

3. Grill Pan

Grill pans have gained popularity in the recent years. They make the yummiest burgers, roasted salmon, meatballs and marinated veggies with those nice grill marks. It’s much easier than barbecuing because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your kitchen (which means yes to barbecue during winters!) and it only requires a stovetop element – no propane, gas, charcoal or intense cleaning necessary.

4. Trivet

A trivet is a heat resistant pad that you place hot dishes on, so you don’t burn your table. Instead of the ugly cloth ones that gets stained easily, pick up some bamboo trivets that will last a long time and are way easier to clean! They are both functional and fashionable and do what they’re supposed to do!

5. Food Thermometer

Want to make your meat just the right amount of crunchy and possibly let it melt in your mouth? This is your best buy! A quality meat thermometer is a must if you often cook meats and want to stop guessing at when they are done. These are ultra fast and accurate! You will have a very accurate temperature reading in just 4 seconds. It helps you cook any meat just the right way, the best way!

Stocking a kitchen with these cookware is not frustrating or does not cost a lot of money. It only makes the kitchen and the cooking process efficient. It eases things out and makes it an enjoyable and relaxing experience for the customers and the one behind the stove, the star of the restaurant.

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