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A large percentage of personal injury cases in Canada result from motor vehicle accidents. There are about 3,000 traffic fatalities in the country, according to the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database. In addition, there are thousands more injuries annually as the result of car accidents on Canadian roadways each year. This includes people in and around Toronto, according to personal injury firms Toronto.

A person injured in an automobile accident needs to have a general grasp of his or her rights and interests. This includes understanding the types of compensation to which an injured individual is entitled.

Compensation After a Car Accident

A person can face major injuries after a car accident. As a result, medical bills quickly mount. An injured person is entitled to seek compensation for those expenses. This includes both current medical expenses as well as those which reasonably are expected to be incurred in the future. Oftentimes a medical expert is necessary to provide credible information about projected medical expenses in the future.

Injuries associated with car accidents, as well as associated with the treatment of injuries, can result in significant pain and suffering. This represents another type of damage to which an injured person is entitled to be compensated. As is the case with medical expenses, an injured person can be entitled to compensation for future pain and suffering reasonably expected to be experienced.

Following a car accident, a person is likely to miss work. Indeed, he or she may not ever be able to return to the same type of employment because of permanent injuries stemming from an accident. Compensation for current and future lost wages commonly is part of a comprehensive claim following a car accident.

A person involved in a car accident may have property damage in addition to personal injuries. If that is the case, he or she additionally is entitled to compensation for damaged or destroyed personal property. More often than not, an automobile owned by an injured person is the personal property that may result in the need to compensate that person for property loss.

Retain a Car Accident Attorney

Personal injury firms Toronto commonly represent people injured in car accident cases. An attorney will schedule an initial consultation with an injured person to discuss a particular case. The lawyer will provide a case analysis and answer questions put forth by an injured person during the appointment. As a general rule, personal injury firms Toronto do not charge a fee for an initial consultation with a prospective client.

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